You want your songs to fulfill their potential. Artistically and commercially. So do we. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate in international music publishing services. A matchless creative and administration service designed to leave no opportunity missed and every revenue opportunity secured.

A Talent For Talent

Every great song begins with a great idea. But not every great idea will become a great song. It takes love, it takes luck but most of all it takes creative commitment. The kind of commitment that we offer our artists and writers every day the world over.

Our Commitment

And yes, wherever you are in your songwriting career, we’ll use our talent for talent to help your writing fulfill its true artistic and commercial potential. Whatever it takes.


The heart of our publishing operation is our world-class administration team - a combination of deep international experience, an obsession for detail and advanced technology. As one of the few significant labels to be born in the internet age, our systems were digital from day one. The BBR administration team. Best in class.

Copyright Administration

Fast, accurate, international song registration with collection societies worldwide is key to ensuring you get the money you’re due. We have got it covered.

Royalty Accounting And Income Tracking

Vast amounts of song play data from all over the world. Checked, then double-checked so you get paid fully, accurately and on time.

Digital Licensing

We put your music directly in front of your audience on the digital music services that matter. A single and simple passport to a world of digital opportunity. Your digital rights, your royalties, expertly managed.